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Our organization, once a private, for-profit group called Greater Downtown Freeport (GDF), reorganized in 2004 as the public 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Freeport Downtown Development Foundation (FDDF).

At the same time, a downtown master planning document was produced to guide the ongoing programs and improvements to the downtown. FDDF monitors and updates this master plan regularly. A TIF district and a Historic District have since been created to assist in funding projects and to maintain the historic character of the downtown.

FDDF doesn’t have funds to undertake major infrastructure improvements, but we oversee important quality-of-life details downtown including the planting of flowers, placement of benches and trash containers, and other beautification and maintenance projects. Many store owners and volunteers step forward to help with these tasks to benefit the entire downtown.

As property owners in the TIF district make improvements, any increase in real estate taxes is dedicated to further improve the downtown. FDDF works with downtown business owners to establish priorities for TIF funds, then presents them to the city for approval and funding.