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15 S Chicago Ave – 3,000 square feet of usable space, 3 story building, air conditioning on 1st floor. Rental price is $475,  renter pays the utilities. Former Game Pro’s. Contact 815.235.4911
303 N Van Buren Ave – Approximately 200 sq. ft. Two offices and closet/storage space.  Customer parking lot. $185 a month, deposit $185.  815.233.1422
24 W Main St – FOR SALE $44,900. Former Cole’s A Confectionery. Restaurant/bakery equipment remains. 4 floors, 2nd floor living with current tenant. This property can also be leased for $450/mo. Contact 815.275.7233
25 W Stephenson St– Contact Meade Development 815.616.2800. Former Celia’s Gifts, Antiques and Home Furnishings
18 W Stephenson St – FA Read Center space available. Window along sidewalk. Contact 815.235.1718
15 N Chicago Ave – Former Eats and Sweets Cafe. Contact 815-990-8379
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